Sample Aelin Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Aehaeser, Blade of the Rose

The aelin man before you is of above-average height and leanly muscled. His typically fine aelin features are weathered by time and the elements. His age-lined skin is lightly tanned, and his brown hair, mostly grey now, falls in thin waves about his shoulders untended. The narrow curls of his hair frame his narrow, well-defined face. Set above his hawklike nose are a pair of tired-seeming eyes, colored an earthy green-brown. Upon his upper arm a rose-entwined silver sword has been branded, shimmering faintly.

Paedru, Assassin

Golden curls are tied behind the head of this beautiful aelin girl in an unceremonious way, as if for mere utility. Emerald colored eyes emit a quiet intelligence and kindness that translates well to the rest of her form. Cherubic cheeks, a pouty mouth, and pale skin give the girl an innocent beauty that is at once gentle and strong. Immaculate white wings are set gracefully behind her back, poised for flight. A sense of grace and form permeates her every movement.

Ilae, Void Templar of the Pentagram

An aelin woman of unremarkable height is here. Her skin is white, but there is nothing pure about its cast. Her flesh displays a sickly pallor the color seeming to be vaguely unhealthy. Raven hair flows down her back, the glossy strands intricately braided. Her face is disquieting. The angles of her cheekbones and nose, while not apparently wrong or malformed, are unsettling in their slant. Despite this she is still possessed of something of an exotic beauty. Her eyes are a striking blue, her lips and nails painted a similar color. Her lithe figure sports toned muscles and slight curves while a pair of white-tipped wings of midnight pitch sprout from her back. Her graceful movements and meticulous grooming create an air of muted elegance about her.

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