Alchemists are philosophers and mystics who believe that the path to knowledge lies through transmutation, combination, and distillation of the materials of Avendar. While seldom drawing on mystical forces directly, alchemists can evoke a great many magical effects via potions, oils, or pills that they produce by mixing together ingredients. Some alchemists even believe that they can use their art to create life, produce elixirs that grant immortality, or even produce matter in a pure, divine form.

Whether or not these claims are true, it is clear that the magic produced by alchemy can be formidable. Since alchemists are not themselves spellcasters, they are often denounced as charlatans or hedge wizards by various elemental scholars. The utility of alchemical products is such, though, that they have earned their place in large cities.

The following races can be Alchemists: Humans, Aelin, Ethron, Nefortu, Shuddeni, Caladarans, Ch'taren, and Srryn

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