Bayyal the Lord of Destruction, Flame of Hatred

Favored RaceNefortu
Home(s)The Plane of Fire & The Flame of Hatred
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Portfoliofire, fire magic, destruction, hate, evil nefortu
WorshippersBarbarians, fire casters, chaotic evil, evil nefortu, violent cultists

History in Avendar

Bayyal was born in the inferno of the creation of the Planes of Fire, it is said. An embodiment of hatred and destruction, it was his will as much as Sythrak's that led to the War of Fire. His defeat in the epic struggle was not the last he would suffer on the mortal plane. His heedless quest for greater power caused the Lord of Hate to overreach. In his moment of weakness he fell into a trap set by the favored of Serachel. Securing their own lords freedom from his cage in the Dream Realms, they in turn arranged for Bayyal to be bound by Jolinn. For centuries he was impaled upon a marble spire and bound with chains of ice. But now the Lord of Destruction is free once more, and his thirst for revenge shall be quenched by a torrent of blood.

Goals and Methods

Bayyal's goal is all too clear. He seeks to destroy the world, leaving civilization in ashen ruins, the survivors of his victory battling one another for their very survival. Once Bayyal sought this end though mad power grabs and driving his followers to greater and greater acts of violence, burning them out. Since being freed from his prison he has taken a more measured approach. While still unpredictable and violent the Hateflame no longer acts foolishly, his patient cunning tempered by centuries bound in icy chains.

Organizations and Followings

Vicious, brutal and chaotic, followers of the Lord of Hate rarely organize, and even when they do, such groups tend to be short lived.

The Flame Cults

"Heed my words, for all shall be consumed in the flames of destruction!"

Perhaps the most common incarnation of Bayyalism, flame cults are often formed of ruthless barbarians or vicious fire mages around a powerful and charismatic leader. Such groups generally survive as long as their leader can keep his minions under his sway. Due to the strength and cunning required to survive any amount of time as a true dedicant of Bayyal, the leaders are often fearsome foes.

Ravagers of Bayyal

"Smash them to flinders! Burn them to cinders!"

Serving Bayyal in his aspect as the Lord of Destruction, his Ravagers seek to destroy all that has been built up by the works of the sentient races. Generally formed of groups of barbarians and mages, such groups ally themselves with other anarchic factions to see their goals through. The faithful destroyers abhor acts of creation, and are loath to build anything unless it is absolutely necessary, or will aid in greater destruction in the future.

The Heralds of Hate

"Mm. Did you hear what he said about the saurians? You won't like it."

A more subtle branch of the Hatelord's church, the Heralds seek to feed hate and distrust in the lands of Avendar. They do this by spreading misinformation, fostering racism and encouraging folk to nurse their bitter grudges against one another. Heralds often work alone, occasionally meeting with others of their order to compare their works and boast of their deeds. They have been known to set themselves as diplomats to use their position to spread violence rather than lessen it.

Individual Followers

The followers of Bayyal are either extremely powerful, extremely mad, extremely vicious, or a combination of all three. Many come into the fold having already attained great power. Strong enough to live beyond the laws of men, they come to Bayyal seeking a patron who will make them more potent still. The madmen, for their goals are beyond the understanding of the sane, seek to use their lords might to aid them in tearing down the world itself. The vicious indulge their own predisposed cruelties for the Lord of Hate, be they inflicted upon flesh or upon minds.

The Clergy of Bayyal seek to destroy the world, plunging all things into chaos. As such, they are hunted down and slain by all right and lawful-thinking adventurers. They will often forge temporary alliances with other cults who worship the dark gods. Alliances between Bayyalites and followers of Sythrak and Arkhural are not unheard of. Kankoran followers often join with Girikha-sworn berserkers in their assaults upon civilization. Bayyalites hate the followers of Serachel, Jolinn and the Coven with a feverence only dedicants of the lord of Hate himself could nurture. By the craft of their gods Bayyal was bound for centuries and the Lord of Destruction howls for revenge.


Bayyal has few allies amongst the pantheon of Avendar. He allies himself with both the factions of evil and those of anarchy when it serves his purposes. While he has been known to work with Arkhural, the pair share a bitter, often violent, rivalry. The Darkheart covets Bayyal's sway over the power of Hate, and wishes to seize it fully for his own portfolio. The gods of light all stand as enemies of Bayyal, Jolinn chief amongst them for his imprisonment. Serachel, too, is a target of his fury for the Shadow Mask's hand in those events ages past.

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