Sample Caladaran Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Isal Achia, Earth Scholar, Renegade Knight

A tall female caladaran stands before you, her lightly grey hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail at the nape of her neck. The ponytail has been secured by a small stone, and the crown of her head is encircled with a ring of thin stone. Her skin is rough and barklike like that of most caladarans, yet her face has a softer texture, appearing more like a dark-skinned human. A few signs of aging can be seen about her eyes, though she bears the marks with an air of elegance. Her dark brown eyes look as young as anyone's and reflect the light of the locale, glinting with a hint of inner knowing. Her left hand is tipped in long, elegantly slender fingers, yet her right is somewhat awkward. Her arm is covered in the long bell sleeve of her dress, but the hand appears to be missing.


The first thing that stands out about Isijora is her long mahogany hair, woven with ivy and leaves from the forest. The green of the leaves causes her hair to look more red in colour, and brings out the similar paler green in her almond shaped eyes. Her skin is a dark oaken hue, weathered and tanned by growing up outdoors, but fairly smooth to the touch. Long-limbed and willowy, Isijora is fairly tall, even for one of her race. Her movements are slight and silent, carrying with her an aura of placidity.

Sance, Water Scholar, Lady of Winter

A tall willowy woman stands here, long silvery grey hair with threads of black hanging in a braid down her back. Large ash-coloured eyes look out at the world, calmly examining all that is before her. Her face is lined, evidence of her age and many years and experiences in Avendar, and her extensive workings with magic have given her an almost tangible aura of power and knowledge.

Long grey robes cloak her figure, ornately embroidered with many different runes in a shining silver thread. A worn pack hangs at her side, bulging with her various finds from throughout the land, and along her belt a few scroll cases dangle down. Most notable of all is a delicate silver ring, of the like you have never seen, which she wears upon her finger. A faint cold aura emanates from the ring and seems to surround Sance's entire being.

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