Sample Chaja Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Ksaukam the Ravenous, the Thane of Battle

This eight-foot-tall chaja stands slightly hunched over. His dull milky eyes peer out blankly from under a tangle of thick black hair which runs in a nearly uninterrupted carpet from head to face to thick torso and meaty limbs. The rank, matted hair is crawling with vermin, but he seems to pay no notice. The scant area of face and hands uncovered by hair is a mottled, sickly grey. Prominent yellowed canines from his lower jaw protrude over his upper lip.

Rasta the Witchling

A woman stands here, seven feet tall and with skin the color of charcoal. Her towering frame is corded with whip-like muscle, harshly defining her feminine curves. Her face is all cheekbones, jaw, and sinew; sharp and angular, yet distractingly symmetric, like a violent parody of human beauty. Her ebony hair is all shaved, except for a thick crest of long, beaded dreads that hang to one side like a horse's mane. The woman's irises are almost white, causing her eyes to appear as uniform, pale orbs against the gray-black of her face.

Trujjal, Grunt of Yithoul

A musclebound figure hulks here, charcoal-grey skin rippled with swarms of tiny spots of ritual scarring, laid out to form intricate patterns. Thick locks of snarled, tangled hair, black as night, are bound back from his face in a long, unruly plait reaching to his waist. Bulging arms and ham-like hands appear capable of considerable violence, the ragged nails and thick fingers caked with dirt. A low, brooding brow and a thick, prominent jaw add to the brutish look of this chaja, milky eyes peering out with animalistic wariness. A heady stench of stale sweat wraps the chaja like a cloak, almost palpable in its strength.

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