Champions of the Light

The Champions of Avendar are known throughout the realms as defenders of the light and as evil's chief enemies. Renowned for their bravery and protection of the innocent, their order has stood as a bulwark against the forces of darkness since the War of Fire. Champions are devoted to the ideals of a martyred saint from that time, and their organization is sometimes referred to as the Order of Aramril.

The ideals of Saint Aramril are these:

  • Justice: The only proper punishment for evil is the destruction of their plans and capacity to harm the innocent. Contrawise, those of pure heart must be protected at all costs.
  • Courage: Champions must show courage in facing evil. Whether facing the hordes of evil as a lone hero, or as a general directing the armies of the light, a Champion never allows his fear to overcome his devotion to the salvation of all Avendar.
  • Mercy: Champions must show mercy to those who truly repent of their deeds, for it is better that one be lead from darkness by thought and deed than to destroy the body without saving the innocent. Succor should always be rendered to the innocent, for theirs is the essence of why a champion fights.

Above all, a Champion should and must strive to become the embodiment of the ideals he or she represents. The Champion strives to be an example for all of Avendar, and an unstoppable force in the war against evil.

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