Sample Ch'taren Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Alanya, Air Templar

If one were to capture sunlight and mold it into the figure of a young woman, then such a statue would look much like this girl. Her body glows like softly heated gold, touched with lithe curves and slender limbs. To look at her is akin to peering through a glass of fine champagne. Within her cerulean eyes is revealed a strength of spirit that belies her delicate appearance, while her sharp smile speaks of no lack of passion. Superficially, she can be described as pleasing to the eye. The molten silver hair that flow gently past her face appear less as separate strands than a solid mass, shifting about with her every movement. The very ends separate into smooth tendrils that rest about her shoulders, nearly concealing the fine silver necklace she wears and treasures.

Zelenaes, Spirit Templar, Voice of Rystaia

A slender being is before you, his shimmering translucent gold skin marking him as a ch'taren. He is tall and of average build with a face that appears to have been chiseled expertly through the years. A pair of deep brown eyes seem to emanate an air of experience and calmness, with thin, darker brown, almost unnoticeable, eyebrows. A mane of lustrous, golden hair, streaked with trails of white and brown, flows downward to the base of his shoulders, with visible strands flowing freely across his face, sweeping across his regal features. An invisible air of energy seems to surround him, his eyes and body language conveying a consistent sign of self-confidence.

Kayriss, Spirit Scholar

Cute and somewhat plump, Kayrris is short for a Ch'taren, only about five feet tall. Long blonde bangs partially obscure a pair of beautiful hazel eyes that sparkle with intelligence. Her face is round and pixie-shaped, and her mouth, though full, belies a certain stubborness to her personality. Her skin shines a healthy gold, and it seems it almost softly glows.

Her hair hangs down to her waist, accenting a slightly overweight and very curvy figure. She is clad in an eclectic assortment of things, though she seems to favor loose, delicate clothing. Her hands are nimble and deft, trained to the art of her craft. She moves with a slow and easy grace, leaving a sweetly spicy scent reminiscent of cinnamon in her wake.

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