Sample Ethron Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Elirin, Earth Templar

Elirin Qiniel is almost entirely cloaked in a mass of curly black hair that nearly reaches her knees. Two bright blue eyes peer out from behind the dark curtain of hair, a bit large in proportion to her face. Her skin is a healthy golden green, marred only by a small mole below her left eye. She seems to be fairly strong, despite her small stature, and she carries her heavy weapon with practiced ease. Many of the lacings and ties on her armor are only partially done up, giving indication of a lazy or easily distracted mind, but her eyes betray a sleepy intelligence. She walks with a carefree bounce in her step, showing little concern for grace or even her general surroundings.

Perian Quaratos, Spirit Scholar

If the Gods were kind, they would have spent a little more time assembling this poor, mismatched Ethron. Unexceptionally short and stocky, Perian is a rather odd collection of parts and pieces. His head is shaped into an overripe melon, and what little of his scraggly, dark hair is in an absolute mess. Walnut brown eyes are a little too small for his face and his thick lips a smidge too wide. Even his skin seems a little too green, showing uneven splotches every now and then. In spite of all that, he still walks about without a care in the world, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings.

Aradwyn al'Qalir, Gladiator

Hale and fit, the stocky form of a youthful male ethron catches your glance. Though seeming to stand no more than five and a half feet in height, broad shoulders lend him a more prodigous air, cutting a striking silhouette with a barrel-shaped chest and a well-muscled frame. Characteristic of ethron, his skin bears a mossy green tint, his flesh adorned by a variety of scars and cuts -- some old, others quite new. Tendrils of dark hair cover his head, black as a midwinter's dawn, gathered at the base of his neck, and worn in a traditional warrior's braid. Black brows frame almond-shaped eyes, softening his otherwise angular features. His features, while unremarkable, are smooth, having an ageless quality, seemingly coaxed from clay or shaped from unfeeling stone, betraying little. His eyes, when awake, glint blue, flecked with steel, bearing the same staid calm as his countenance, yet at once belying that very stoicism.

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