The Guardians of Law

The Guardians of Law are a noble House now under the protection and guidance of the god Iandir and the lesser god Rveyelhi. The origin of the Guardians may be found many, many centuries ago, when the nobles of the Ipsoli line began offering monetary rewards for the apprehension of the land's most notorious bandits. This system evolved into a system of laws instituted by the Ipsoli, and a corresponding reward put on the head of any who dared to violate these laws. Eventually the heroes of Order were received by Iandir, who declared that their system was under his divine protection.

Today, the Guardians of Law are universally recognized by local governments as impeccable enforcers of peace and order, and welcomed in every city. Any who violate the laws set forth by the Guardians are marked for a reward, which is granted to any citizen apprehending the criminal. See help REWARD, help LAW, and Iandir for more information.

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