Abode of the Spirit                     Earth/Spirit Room Effect

Duration: Permanent until moved                       Minimum Cost: 400 mana
Cooldown: 180 hours

Syntax: cast 'abode of the spirit'

One who is intimately connected to both the earth and the weave which
spans it may claim for herself an abode of the spirit, a haven for her soul.
By casting this spell at a fount of order the mage may so mark it;
thereafter, she will return there when recalling or upon death, in place of
her prior hometown. Should she die and leave her equipment in her corpse,
the equipment will similarly return to that location; though if it lacks a
proper altar, said armaments will simply lie on the ground.

While this spell may only be cast at an order fount, the location will be
forever marked even if the fount later vanishes, until such time as the mage
claims a new abode. Certain locations -- generally those beset with
particularly foul curses -- cannot be claimed even if there is an order
fount present.

In addition to changing the recall point, the claimed place will resonate
with the mage, helping to draw away her hurts and ills. In particular, she
will experience partial damage reduction from all sources when in her abode.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom


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