Absolve Spirit                              Major Spirit Utility

Duration: Instantaneous                               Minimum Cost: 12 mana
Range: Target PC or Mob

Syntax: cast 'absolve spirit' <target>

Originally designed to grant rest to shades bound by their own memories,
the ability to absolve spirits has been carefully honed by practitioners of
spirit over the ages. It retains its original purpose: when cast on a
shade, wraith, phantom, or spectre from the spirit realm, the apparition
will be dispersed back into the aether, allowing the caster to regain a
portion of her mana from the released essence.

When cast instead on a spirit or demon which has fully materialized in the
physical plane, it will seek to purify the spirit. Evil spirits and demons
will be stricken by this purification, causing substantial damage to them.
Spirits of less malignant bent will instead be healed, with purer ones
healed more. In either case, the spirit may not be absolved again for quite
some time.

Absolution may also be cast on a mortal who has become haunted, to grant
rest to the shades within him and thus end the affliction.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom


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