Adamantine Invocation                          Minor Earth Skill

Duration: 3 rounds
Cooldown: 9 hours

Syntax: adamantineinvocation <spell> [targets|arguments]

By drawing upon the slow but inexorable nature of the earth, a student of
such magics may infuse her spells with powerful energies. A spell cast this
way will take considerable time to build up before it is actually unleashed,
but once cast it will be quite difficult -- albeit not impossible -- to save
against. The strength of such an invocation depends greatly on the level of
the caster. Such power cannot be invoked where there is no solid ground
present, and after each use it will be some time before the mage may safely
channel such energies again.

Not all workings may be thus invoked; generally, those with single
definitive targets may be. Should either the caster or target leave the
room while the spell is gathering strength it will be cancelled, though the
quiescent period must still be observed. Similarly, any attempt to cast a
different spell or change position will also interrupt the invocation.

To use the adamantine invocation, a mage must substitute the normal 'cast'
command with 'adamantineinvocation' and otherwise cast normally.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

See Also: CAST

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