Aegis of Grace                          Minor Spirit Benediction

Duration: 18 hours                                   Minimum Cost: 70 mana
Range: Caster's group

Syntax: cast 'aegis of grace'

By enshrouding herself and her groupmates in protective magics drawn from
divine grace, a mage of the spirit sphere can ward allies against negative
influences. This spell reduces the damage taken from a variety of evil
sources, such as undead, demons, and magical damage of type harm, negative,
or defilement. As its power is drawn from the holiness of the one shielded,
the effectiveness of this aegis will vary according to the aura of the ally.
Those of evil bent will find no succor at all, while those with the purest
souls will be greatly protected. This spell may be cast before it has
expired, allowing a mage to maintain it evenly on the whole group.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma

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