Aspect of the Inferno                     Flameheart Benediction

Duration : See Text                                  Minimum Cost: 100 mana
Range : User Only Recast Delay: See Text

Syntax: Cast 'Aspect of the Inferno'

By this spell, a Flameheart scholar may, through their pact with fire devils,
channel the Inferno directly through their bodies. While so affected, they
will receive a massive boost to melee damage, gain a chance to make a
third melee attack each round, and receive a bonus to hitroll. This will also
allow them to go into negative hit points, and change all their outgoing
damage to fire. They will be less able to benefit from the cunning wisp spell,
and their ability to cast spells will be hindered. Their mana will drain
continually while channeling the Inferno. A planar barrier against fire will
impede them.

This spell will last at most six hours and has a recast delay of at most eight
hours; the duration is of both contingent on their spell percentage.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Strength

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