Aspect of the Inferno         Path of the Flameheart Benediction

Duration: 3-6 hours, varies by level and skill        Minimum Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 6-8 hours, varies by skill

Syntax: cast 'aspect of the inferno'

With this fearsome spell, a Flameheart can temporarily fuse herself even
deeper into the Inferno, increasing the power of her elemental nature as she
adopts a fiery visage. As she casts away a part of her mortality, the mage
loses her trained ability to parry blows, but can instead leverage her
newfound preternatural speed to dodge them. In addition, the blazing aura
she emanates will sometimes force back foes, preventing their attacks from
reaching her; foes who are more resistant to fire will be less affected by
this, though the startling intensity of the flames may sometimes drive
back even the most resistant. Each such surge of fiery power will slightly
drain the caster's mana, which will also suffer from a more continuous
drain during this time. Should her mana run out completely, the spell will
end early.

While taking on the aspect of the Inferno, the mage will have an enhanced
ability to strike an additional blow each round. All of her hits will do
fire damage and at enhanced rates, regardless of what type of weapon she
might be wielding. She will find that she can push her body beyond normal
physical limits, past what would otherwise be a mortal blow, though this has
its limits. Once the spell has ended and the caster's elemental nature
recedes, she will find herself exhausted from the effort, as her mana and
movement will be drastically cut.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma

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