Beckon Windfall                     Path of the Windrider Summon

Duration: Instantaneous                               Minimum Cost: 75 mana
Cooldown: 5 - 70 hours, varies randomly and by skill

Syntax: cast 'beckon windfall'

Windriders lead singular lives, marked by an unusually close kinship with
the forces of wind and chance. This familiarity allows them to call to the
winds, seeking a bequest. Capricious as they are, the winds may not heed
the call, or may answer in a way the caster doubtless did not desire.
Nonetheless, most of the time the link between wind and rider is strong, and
the latter often receives a trophy of this bond. The myriad ways in which
the wind may respond has never been fully-documented by the dedicants of
this path, and given their nature likely never will. Thus it is always with
hope and wonder that a rider sounds forth this call.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma

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