Joining the Avendar Staff

Players with characters who have reached the 51st rank ("hero-rank") and 
made a significant impact in the world may petition to join the game staff.

The job of a staffer is not one embarked upon lightly. It requires an
enormous amount of patience, and having the sense of self to handle long
hours of thankless work and/or abuse from the people above and below you.

This being said, these are the things we tend to look for in applicants:

-Creativity: Nothing is more important than the capacity to create new ideas.

-Writing skill: This is the number one reason applicants are turned away.
We hold our area writers to very high standards. If you are regularly
teased for poor grammar or spelling, or consider yourself an "average"
writer (or worse), you will probably not be accepted.

-Commitment and time: Being on the staff takes time. Lots of time. You
must be ready to commit yourself to hours and hours of tedium to write an
area, and you must be willing to spend time on other tasks.

-Knowledge of the World: Your character should have acquired a high level
of understanding of Avendar's setting, the way the world works, how races
and classes fit within the greater balance of the game mechanics, and what
is/is not generally possible.

-Roleplaying & Participation: Your character should have demonstrated the
ability to not only play a fantasy role, but also to play one -well-. We
want to see characters who have gone out of their way to contribute to the
world that is Avendar. This includes things such as being a part of special
events, playing key roles in Houses or as sigiled deity followers, playing
a long-term character with clear role development who has positively
influenced other players' experiences, and overall taking a notable part
in the overreaching conflicts in the world.

-Other skills: experience with software coding, server maintenance, website
development, art production, and other such talents that you might bring
to the game are a huge plus.

Now, as for the application process itself, after you have met most if not
all of the above criteria and you think you're ready:

Step I: Write an Application

Your application is a note you write to IMMORTAL. The note should
be out of character. When writing your application, try to answer
the following questions:

-Why do you want to be on the staff?
-What do you think you have to offer the staff?
-How long have you MUDded? What sort of experiences do you have elsewhere,
either as an immortal or as a player?
-What's your vision of the future of Avendar? What would you like to change,
if you could, and how would you go about changing it?

Once you've answered these questions, you should include your design for an
area for Avendar. This is to be a general description, around one or two
pages in length. Briefly describe the area, any relevant history, what can be
found there, and any special features an explorer may find. The more thought
you put into this, the more impressed we will be with your application in

Finally, you can insert whatever other things you feel are important to your
application. You can include things like significant accomplishments, a
history of your time here on Avendar, or the like.

Now, once you've done all this and sent it in a note to IMMORTAL, wait for a
response (it may be hours, days, or unfortunately sometimes, weeks). If we
like what we see, you'll go on to Step 2. If we don't like what we see, we'll
try to tell you what our problem with you or your application was. Only in
exceptional circumstances will you be allowed to reapply with this character.
If you didn't succeed, try to remember that it takes a lot of time and
experience, and not everyone has the fanaticism or dedication it takes to run
a MUD.

Step 2: The Interview

If we've found your application satisfactory, we'll arrange an interview
between you and the senior implementor staff, along with what other staff
have an interest in your case. The interview is meant to be a final trial by
fire of the soul of the applicant. The interview will be out of character,
but do expect to defend any and everything about the role your character has
played. Expect questions about your ideas and opinions, as well as questions
about your proposed areas. If you survive the interview with your soul
intact, you will then be welcomed to the join the staff.

If you do not survive the interview, the discarded husk of your ego will be
returned to the real world, where you will gibber the Truths of Elder Things
madly until the end of your days.

Good Luck!

The FAQ answers basic questions about the game and gives tips for play.

The Basic Commands Cheatsheet pdf is a quick and easy printable reference of basic commands.

You can also check game helpfiles on a variety of topics to guide you through the playing of Avendar. Simply type the topic into the search box (or while in the game, type: help <topic>).

Helpfile to look up:

Here's a list of general topics to get you started (type your choice into the box):

  • getting started - The basics of Avendar and MUDding in general.
  • information - How to get info on yourself and your surroundings.
  • moving around - How to move around in the world of Avendar.
  • interaction - How to interact with objects and items in Avendar.
  • communication - How to communicate with others in Avendar.
  • grouping - How to group together with others in Avendar.
  • combat - How to engage (and survive!) combat in Avendar.

Be sure to pay attention to the "See Also" located at the bottom of many of the helpfiles, as they often point to other useful pieces of information on the topic you're reading on.

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