Bedrock Roots                    Path of the Wakened Stone Skill

Syntax: automatic

The powerful communion shared between a mage of the wakened stone and the
earth at her feet is evident in this skill, which works automatically
whenever she is on solid ground. Any time spent in a single room will allow
her to put down roots of will and magic into the earth, drawing power from
the very bedrock to increase her hit points. Whenever such a one stands
still, therefore, she will accumulate bonus hit points up to a maximum,
which is determined by her level and proximity to the earth. In particular,
the mage will benefit the most from places which are underground, then the
mountains, then hills, then normal ground, then swamps. She will not be
able to connect to the earth at all when at sea or high in the air.

Uprooting herself from the ground cuts off the source of this power,
cancelling it; thus, whenever the mage changes rooms the bonus will be
removed, though it may accumulate again in the new room.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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