Bilocation                                    Spirit/Air Utility

Duration: 25 - 50 hours, varies randomly            Minimum Cost: 240 mana
Cooldown: 12 hours

Syntax: cast 'bilocation'

As a master of both the soul and illusion, a sorcerer of spirit and air
may eventually learn to create an illusory copy of himself. He can then
transfer his consciousness freely between his own body and the duplicate,
controlling each one independently. While inhabiting the copy, the caster
will be able to perform most actions possible in his natural form including
the casting of most spells; however, the illusory construct will be unable
to channel certain workings. Should the illusion be slain while carrying
the caster's conciousness, the shock of death will carry over to his real
body; if, however, the caster's consciousness is not present in the illusory
body, it may be defeated without causing him harm. In either case the
caster will find no succor should his real body be slain.

As with all illusions, sooner or later the copy will unravel. If the caster
is inhabiting the duplicate when it crumbles, his consciousness will be sent
back to his real form, unscathed though perhaps a bit shaken. Certain
cursed areas will preclude the ready transfer of consciousness; should
either of the caster's bodies be present in such a place and not directly in
the same room, he will find the transfer quite impossible. To change
bodies, the caster should make use of the 'relocate' command; such an action
will require a small expenditure of mana.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma

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