Bloodpyre                       Path of the Golden Flames Ritual

Duration: 40 - 80 hours, randomly chosen              Minimum Cost: 200 mana

Syntax: cast 'bloodpyre'

A mage of the Golden Flames may form a bloodpyre, a magical blaze which
serves as a link between caster and the Inferno. This bond may then be
influenced by incinerating objects within the fire.

First into the pyre should always be a gem, either a sapphire, ruby, or
diamond. The choice of gem will influence the nature of the blaze, tying it
to a specific aspect of the Inferno's power:

Gem Effect Tendency
=== ===============
Sapphire Defensive
Ruby Offensive
Diamond Utility

Once a gem has tied the pyre to the Inferno, only the incineration of a
bloodstone can break the link, allowing the pyre to be repurposed.

An experienced scholar will soon learn that many powers drawn from a
Bloodpyre are mutually exclusive; invoking one will cause another to
dissipate. Other more instantaneous effects, however, can often be called
forth without such disruption.

The truly learned have been known to call upon their pyres to create effects
of great potency, though the secrets of whence they learned these skills is
often highly-guarded. Initiates into these mysteries are instead usually
encouraged to seek out places of knowledge, or areas and beings with ties to
the Inferno. Only by discovering for themselves the true nature of the
Flame can an aspirant hope to realize their raw potential.

As with many fire magics, the Bloodpyre is susceptible to interference from
the sphere of water; should such magics engulf the pyre completely, they will
assuredly snuff it out.

The 'bloodpyre' command by itself may be used to see a list of known bloodpyre
workings, including whether the lesser or greater form is known.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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