Call Upon Wind                 Path of the Windrider Benediction

Duration: 10 - 20 hours, varies randomly              Minimum Cost: 95 mana

Syntax: cast 'call upon wind' <north|south|east|west>

Few are as attuned to the ebb and flows of the winds as those who ride
them, a select group who may call out to the various winds to empower their
magics. These windriders may call to one of the four winds, either north,
south, east, or west, so as to gain power from them. These powers wax
strong when the wind is high, and grow mighty indeed when it blows from the
same direction as the called wind; however, so long as it is blowing it need
not be from the same direction for some effect to take place. Once the call
expires the caster may issue another, but not immediately to the same wind
as before. The powers offered by the winds vary according to their natures.

The chill wind of the north grants bonus cold damage to any physical attack
of the caster's, whether by staff or spell. Moreover, the freezing, slowing
winds will grant bonus effective levels to the windbind spell, making it
harder to resist.

The warm, flighty breezes of the south improve the effectiveness of the
caster's breezestep, allowing him greater facility with flitting away from
attacks. These dessicating winds will also empower the tempest spell,
adding to it the power to parch the caster's foes, making them thirsty and
draining them of movement. Finally, the deftness of these breezes grants
speed to the windrider's dancing blade, giving it a chance at an extra
attack each round.

The pestilent climes of the east grant to the tempest spell the ability to
poison those caught within. Furthermore, these vaporous winds intensify the
effects of gaseous form, to enhance both the reductions and increases to

The hale and hearty western winds bear with them the powers of the sea,
steadily healing the caster as they wash over him.

None of these abilities apply when the wind is completely still.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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