Chant Litany              Path of Eternal Dawn Benedictive Skill

Duration: 120 hours                                   Minimum Cost: 60 mana
Range: Caster Only

Syntax: chantlitany benediction
chantlitany mortification
chantlitany purification

The priests and priestesses of Eternal Dawn are versed in a number of
litanies, each designed to draw upon some aspect of holy power. Three of
these are in common use: the Litany of Benediction, the Litany of
Mortification, and the Litany of Purification.

The Litany of Benediction taps into the bolstering energies of spirit,
enhancing the power of the caster's benedictive spells. In particular,
bless, zeal, and aegis of grace will become more potent when cast under the
auspices of such a litany.

The Litany of Mortification seeks to draw down righteous anger upon
evildoers; when cast under the influence of this litany, searing light, life
bolt, and spiritwrack will have a chance of ignoring their target's saves,
striking for full damage.

The Litany of Purification invokes the cleansing power of the soul, granting
the chanter the ability to detect both good and evil. It will also enhance
the mana recovered when absolving shades, as well as the amount of healing
or damage done to spirits and demons during this same absolution. Finally,
it grants a bonus to rite of ablution, easing the removal of curses.

A caster may invoke the power of only one litany at a time, and may not
draw upon a new one until the previous has expired.

Primary Attribute: Charisma


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