Clockwork Soul                                  Earth/Void Skill

Syntax: automatic
clockworksoul release

The path of the mage of earth and void is a singular one indeed, a life
filled with gears and springs and cold machinery. One of the clearest
manifestations of this lies in the clockwork soul training, which, once
learned, becomes an automatic reflex for the scholar.

With this skill, all damage taken by the practitioner gets routed to his
clockwork soul, a magical construct within. This damage will not be taken
normally, but instead be stored up and regularly metered out, allowing the
mage to weather what might otherwise be a mortal blow. The amount of damage
metered out is a fraction of that stored up, so the mage is cautioned to not
allow too much to be built up or else even the released amount may prove
lethal. Should the mage wish to release all stored damage at once rather
than wait for the metering, he may do so with the 'clockworksoul release'

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Constitution

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