Conduit of Stonesong       Path of the Wakened Stone Benediction

Duration: Discretion of Caster                         Minimum Cost: 12 mana

Syntax: cast 'conduit of stonesong'

By channeling the slow, deep rhythms of the world through himself, a
dedicant of the wakened stone may empower a drake obtained via the wakened
stone skill. While acting as such a conduit, the caster will find his drake
capable of both dealing more damage and taking less than otherwise, and will
furthermore mature at a somewhat faster rate, provided the song is used while
the drake is engaged in combat.

Maintaining this state is somewhat taxing; while channeling stonesong, the
mage will lose some mana each pulse. The amount lost depends on how closely
connected the mage can be to the earth in his current location; the terrain
types will drain in order from most to least: air and water, swamp, most
ground, hills, mountains, underground. Note that while a mage may continue
to channel this song when at sea or otherwise not near land, he will find
doing so very taxing indeed. No mana may be recovered on ticks while acting
as such a conduit. Casting the spell again will close the channel, which
otherwise will remain open until the caster's mana reserves are utterly

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma


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