Conduit of the Skies          Path of the Flickering Skies Skill

Syntax: automatic

Some of those who follow the path of the flickering skies claim to be
called to a higher purpose, that they are the conduits of lightning itself.
While many scoff at this notion, others who have observed the effects of
natural lightning on those so dedicated are slower to dismiss it. For
indeed, where others merely suffer from such strikes, these disciples seem

When one trained as a conduit is struck by lightning from the skies, she
temporarily gains significant power. The energy she absorbs from it grants
her a boost to her hit points, increases the effective level of her
air-sphere spells, and allows her to cast them more rapidly. She
furthermore will gain attacks in combat, and will randomly zap those who
attack her with jolts of surplus electrical energy, driving them back.

If struck again by lightning while in this state, its duration will be reset
and possibly slightly increased. While other abilities like an arc shield
might shield her from the force of the lightning strikes, the conduit
training itself offers no such protection -- thus the caster is advised to
be wary.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Consitution


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