Construct Waterwheel                           Earth/Water Skill

Duration: 100 + (level / 12) hours                   Minimum Cost: 300 mana
Cooldown: 150 - 180 hours, varies by skill

Syntax: constructwaterwheel

By combining a knowledge of order, gears, and earth with a solid grasp of
water magic fundamentals, a mage of both spheres may construct a waterwheel
on a riverbank, thereby harnessing the energies inherent in the river's
natural flow. This wheel may only be built upon a river; lakes tend to be
too placid and seas too rough for such workings. Anyone may then place a
crystal inside the waterwheel, to act as a focus for and collector of the
gathered power. As the wheel turns, this crystal will gain a charge until
it reaches saturation; this amount is dependent on the level of the
constructed waterwheel.

Once the crystal has any amount of charge, anyone may remove it from the
waterwheel and destroy it to release the stored energy, granting them a
bonus to their mana pool. Both the amount gained and the duration are
dependent on how much energy was stored in the crystal; furthermore, those
who are learned in stonecraft will harness considerably more power from the
released magics. Destroying a second crystal before the effects of the
first have expired will cause the new crystal's effects to replace the old,
even if inferior in power.

Once out of the waterwheel, the power in any charged crystals will slowly
drain away.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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