Crush                                         Major Earth Attack

Duration: 4 hours                                     Minimum Cost: 60 mana
Range: Single PC or Mob

Syntax: cast 'crush' <target>

With this spell, a mage of earth may bend gravity and main force about
his foe, crushing her painfully. Building up these forces takes time,
during which the working will be cancelled if the mage casts another spell
or gets separated from his target. After a few such rounds, the target will
begin to take bashing damage, and will continue to suffer additional damage
each subsequent round until the spell is interrupted. The victim may save
for half damage each round; should she manage to save again in the same
round, she will throw off the crushing power. Each time the damage fires
the effective level of the working will decrease slightly, making it
somewhat easier to save against.

In addition to the raw damage, should the target fail her save against the
spell she will be so painfully crushed as to have difficulty verbalizing
spells. This penalty to spellcasting will be renewed and intensified each
time she fails her save, up to a maximum. The subvocalize skill will help
mitigate -- but not obviate -- this penalty.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Strength


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