Cry of the Broken Lands    Path of the Wakened Stone Area Attack

Duration: Instantaneous                               Minimum Cost: 35 mana
Cooldown: 4 hours Range: 20-room radius

Syntax: cast 'cry of the broken lands'

The Broken Lands, the old legend goes, were once verdant fertile, layered
with loamy soil and tended by a powerful alatharyan mage in the days before
the Sundering. His connection to the land was strong, so strong that when
he was struck down in the time of the Sundering the earth itself cried out
at the loss, tearing itself asunder. While many scoff at the notion of such
a bond, those who have seen the magi of the wakened stone are given pause.

Whether or not the old tales are true, there is no doubt that some portion
of this fabled power is evident in the spells of these scholars. With this
working, such a one may leverage his communion with the earth to send out a
shockwave resonating with the land's anger, causing quakes in a large radius
about him. As with the simple quake spell, this may knock people over and
cause damage; the amount varies by terrain, causing the most damage
underground and in mountains and hills, and the least in deserts and swamps.
The shockwave will not carry to or past places without any ground at all.

In addition to the quake, there is a chance of opening up earth maws in any
given room; the best odds of this are in the desert and underground,
somewhat less in mountains and swamps, less still in hills, and least of all
in other grounded terrain. There is no chance in places without solid
ground. As with any earth maw, a dextrous character might avoid falling in,
and those who are flying will simply pass above them.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Strength


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