Decorporealize                    Path of the Silver Light Skill

Syntax: automatic

A mage of the silver light gradually becomes learned in the ways of
dissociating his body and spirit from each other, an ability evidenced in
part by the decorporealize skill. With this ability, the mage has a chance
of instinctually sliding out of his body when a mortal blow is struck
against it, saving his spirit from the shock of death. The body itself will
be dispersed into the aether, leaving behind only a pile of clothes and the
mage's wordly possessions. Should the scholar succeed in decorporealizing,
his spirit will grow no less attached to this world, sparing it the increase
in death count. Furthermore, he will not suffer from the normal attribute
penalty of death, and will be able to secure a new form from a healer
immediately. Should the caster not react in time, he will die as per

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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