Dreamshape                       Path of the Silver Light Attack

Duration: [Weave]     Instantaneous                Minimum Cost: 40 mana
[Visions] (level/16) hours Range: Sleeping PC or Mob
[Hibernate] 1.5 hours

Syntax: cast 'dreamshape' <target> weave <dream to be echoed to target>
cast 'dreamshape' <target> visions
cast 'dreamshape' <target> hibernate

A dedicant of the Silver Light eventually develops an innate connection
to the dream world, which grows naturally into facility with the
manipulation of dreams themselves. This ability is known as dreamshaping,
and generally takes one of three forms.

The first form is of the dream weaving itself, whereby the dreamshaper
directs the images and patterns of a target's dreams in whichever way she
chooses. This ability is exercised through use of the 'weave' argument, and
by itself has little direct influence on the person's health or state of

The second form fills the target's mind with visions of his own damnation,
calling upon his past sins to torment him. While under the influence of
this effect, the target will have difficulty navigating the world, seeing
only his own iniquities all about him. This power is accessed through the
'visions' argument, and may only be used on one the gods do not protect
against the caster.

The third form, specified by the 'hibernate' argument, deepens the natural
sleep of the target into full hibernation. The target will be unable to
awaken for a short time, though if directly harmed he will once again spring
to full consciousness. As with visions, this power may only be used against
those unprotected by the gods.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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