Empower Phantasm          Path of the Endless Facade Benediction

Duration: Permanent                                 Minimum Cost: 220 mana
Cooldown: varies; see text

Syntax: cast 'empower phantasm' <phantasm_name_or_number> <empowerment_name>

Dedicants of the endless facade may use this working to empower their
phantasms, improving them in some fashion. It is cast with the phantasm and
specific empowerment specified; a list of these may be obtained with the
PHANTASM command. Certain phantasms will be more amenable to some
empowerments and less so to others; in some cases it is impossible to apply
an empowerment to a certain phantasm at all.

Even if an empowerment may be applied, some phantasms will take to it better
than others; for example, it would make for a far more convincing illusion
to grant a shuddeni phantasm the 'merciless' empowerment than a caladaran.
These differences in plausibility manifest in increased mana drain and
cooldown when applying the empowerment.

After empowering a phantasm, the mage may not do so again for some time.
This cooldown increases geometrically with each empowerment applied to a
given phantasm, preventing further empowering of that phantasm only; other
phantasms may be empowered in the meantime. While the cooldowns are
substantial in their length, they may be hastened by using the appropriate
phantasm in combat.

Some phantasms start with initial empowerments; this is particularly common
with illusions mirrored from particularly powerful beings, or those which
were studied longer during initial creation. These initial empowerments do
not count against the cooldown progression, and thus are completely bonus.

Certain empowerments require others as prerequisites, and thus are not
immediately available to be chosen. If the caster is maintaining a phantasm
at the time of empowering it, there is no guarantee the empowerment will
take effect until after he dismisses and resummons it.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence


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