Ethereal Brethren           Path of the Silver Light Benediction

Duration: See Text                                   Minimum Cost: 50 mana
Range: All shades in room

Syntax: cast 'ethereal brethren'

Few understand the workings of the spirit realm as well as those who
study the silver light, a comprehension demonstrated by the ethereal
brethren spell. With this invocation, a mage may extend an invitation to
the ghostly denizens of the world beyond, offering them a chance to lodge
themselves within the caster so as to collectively share experiences. The
caster may extend this invitation without limit, though not all shades will
be inclined to respond; he may also find that extending it too frequently
will make acceptance less likely.

While sharing his being with the shades, the caster may draw on their
experiences and memories to automatically perform certain skills he would
not otherwise have studied, such as dodging and counterattacking. None of
these abilities may be explicitly invoked; rather, they simply emerge as
muscle memory the mage never himself formed takes over. Each use of one
such ability will drain the memories (and consequently the power) of the
shades within him, as will simple time. Through use or disuse, these
memories will be eventually spent, and the phantoms will dissipate back into
the aether. The scholar may continue to extend this effect by successfully
inviting more shades in.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom


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