Alignment and Ethos

Characters in Avendar choose both an alignment and an ethos upon 

Your ALIGNMENT is a measure of your character's moral compass.
Your alignment can be good, neutral, or evil.

If your character is . . .

GOOD, he or she will tend to not place their own interests above
those of others.

NEUTRAL, he or she will tend to not take a firm moral stance.
They might choose to distance themselves between the turmoil that
surrounds the fight between good and evil, or to crusade actively
to promote a measure of balance.

EVIL, he or she will tend to act in whatever they perceive as
their own best interest, regardless of the cost to others.


Your ethos determines their attitude toward laws and
the nature of society.
Your ethos can be lawful, neutral, or chaotic.

If your character is . . .

LAWFUL, he or she will tend to follow the established rule of
law. Lawful characters are typified by the idea that for whatever
reason, society should in general be governed by a code of laws,
and that they personally should do their best to exist within
the confines of these laws.

NEUTRAL, he or she is indifferent to the laws and rules of society.
There actions and attitudes toward the laws will depend more on
their other beliefs rather than any explicit opinion for or against
the law.

CHAOTIC, he or she the laws of society as a whole as a hindrance
to their beliefs or goals in life. Chaotic individuals tend
therefore to place more importance on the ideas and opinions of
individuals, and to place their faith more in chance and fortune
rather than order and pattern.

For more help on alignment and ethos combinations, see the

The FAQ answers basic questions about the game and gives tips for play.

The Basic Commands Cheatsheet pdf is a quick and easy printable reference of basic commands.

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