Floating Disc                                  Minor Air Utility

Duration: 15 hours                                     Minimum Cost: 40 mana
Cooldown: 10 - 15 hours, varies by skill

Syntax: cast 'floating disc'
deliver <target>

With a twirl of her fingers, a student of air can produce a simple black
disc to float alongside her. This handy construct has been used by air magi
throughout the years for a variety of purposes.

Foremost among these is as a container for holding objects. Towards this
end, the disc has a few unusual properties, in particular that it may hold
any one object regardless of weight or other restriction. Only one object
may be placed on the disc, however, regardless of size or weight.

In addition, the disc may be used as furniture; the scholar may sleep on it,
sit on it, stand on it, or otherwise use it just as any piece of furniture.
When used this way, the disc will provide a minor bonus to regeneration
rates of both life and mana.

Finally, the disc may be used as a courier. By placing an item on it and
issuing the DELIVER command, the mage may send the disc scooting off towards
the specified target, bearing the object to him. In this case, the disc
will crumble shortly after making the delivery.

The disc will occupy the mage's floating item slot; should she wish to
repurpose that slot, she need only REMOVE the disc in the usual manner.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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