Fog Elemental Summon                         Water/Air Summoning

Duration: Instantaneous; permanent summoning       Minimum Cost: 160 mana
Cooldown: 25 hours

Syntax: cast 'fog elemental summon'

Drawing upon his training in the spheres of water and air, a student of
both may bind the clouds into an elemental of pure fog, animated by magic.
Such a creature is very susceptible to changes in humidity, growing more
powerful in moister areas and rainstorms, and less powerful in dry, arid
places in great heat. It is particularly vulnerable to blazes, blazing
infernos, and rains of fire, which work quickly to dry it out.

While weaker in physical form than the more familiar water elemental, the
fog elemental is also somewhat harder to hit, and tends to swarm foes more
readily, dealing a greater number of strikes. Though it lacks the healing
magics present in its watery cousin, the fog elemental will call upon its
links to the plane of air to strike with lightning, doing so with greater
frequency when infused with greater moisture. Furthermore, the elemental
will periodically bestow invisibility and flight to its group.

If the spell is cast underwater or the elemental goes underwater, the magics
binding it will break, letting the water in and reforming it as a water
elemental, with all the advantages and disadvantages which come with such
creatures. This is an irreversible process -- if another fog elemental is
desired, the water elemental must first be dismissed.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma


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