Forgemaster                                     Earth/Fire Skill

Syntax: automatic

After years of working metal with magic and skill, a mage of earth and
fire may lay claim to the title of forgemaster. The training required to
achieve this honor is intense, but allows such a one to forge and repair
with unparalleled artistry. This mastery is summed up in the forgemaster
skill itself, which improves all manner of metalwork done by the scholar.

Forgemaster improves the odds of successfully shaping matter and reduces the
odds of destroying the item in the process. It furthermore slightly
improves the armor class bonus granted by the reinforce spell, and can also
enhance the hone weapon working. Additionally, items created with the forge
weapon skill will tend to be of higher quality if the smith is also trained
in forgemastery.

Finally, only those with this peerless mastery will be able to carve earthen
runes onto metal objects in addition to objects hewn from stone. While such
carvings are limited to the forgemasters, any earth mage may invoke such
runes once they have been engraved.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Strength


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