Fugue                       Path of the Silver Light Benediction

Duration: (level / 12) + (0-2) hours                   Minimum Cost: 5 mana
Cooldown: 6-9 hours, varies by skill Requires Incense
Range: Self

Syntax: cast 'fugue'

Some believe that those who follow the path of the silver light are lost
in a dreamworld, and indeed many such dedicants have demonstrated a
remarkable disconnect from reality. Whether the training gave birth to this
disposition or the other way around remains a matter of dispute, but it is
certainly true that such magi gradually learn to disconnect their awareness
from their physical form. This is evident in the fugue spell, among others.

With this working, which requires incense to initiate, a scholar may slip
past the confines of reality, bringing her conciousness partially into the
world of dreams. Thus affected, she will walk about in a fog, and may even
occasionally misstep as she briefly loses sight of reality. During this
time she will be very vulnerable to illusion, as such workings will seem no
stranger than reality to a mind so affected. The disconnect of mind from
body, however, will grant her substantial reduction to physical damage, as
many blows pass unheeded or barely noticed. This reduction will be less
effective against harder blows, which might jar the scholar's reverie into
paying attention, and magical damage, which often strikes past the body,
will harm her unhindered. While under the influence of the fugue state, the
mage's disconnect from her physical form will cause it to heal at half the
rate. It is very easy to rout any caster in such a disoriented state.

Unlike with most spells, the mage must be resting to cast fugue. She must
also have incense in her inventory; it will be consumed automatically.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

See Also: ROUT

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