Glyph of Ulyon                          Major Water Room Effect

Duration : Level/20 Hours                          Minimum Cost: 40 mana
Reuse Delay: 11-14 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Glyph of Ulyon'

Legends tell of the mighty Ulyon, whose prowess-- and ego-- grew so great that
he imagined himself capable of challenging the demon lord Xiganath in his own
realm. Though he was not heard of again, this glyph was named in his honour,
for it is effective in warding off demons and the undead. Once scribed on
solid ground, this marking will serve as a fount of life energy, which by its
very nature will harm, stun, and drive away any undead or demons who wander
in, to include possessed void templars. Those who resist its repelling
effects will regenerate more slowly in its presence. Such vital energy,
however, will grant a small boost to the physical and mental regeneration of
all others.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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