Graven Mind                  Path of the Stoneshaper Benediction

Duration: 15 hours                                      Minimum Cost: 8 mana
Range: Caster Only

Syntax: cast 'graven mind'
cast 'graven mind' <# of hit points>

As a group, stoneshapers tend to be warded and empowered by a myriad of
magical runes. While undeniably a useful tactic to employ, such invocations
are considerably taxing on the mind. Thus was devised the graven mind
spell, through which a mage may temporarily convert her life force into
mental energy. This transfer takes place at a favorable ratio, earning more
points of mana than it costs in hit points. The exact amount of life may be
specifed at the time of casting or left blank; if the latter, one tenth of
the caster's total hit points are converted. There is a cap on the amount
of life energy which may be converted.

In addition to the transfer of energies, the caster's newly-earth-infused
mind will be awakened to sense powerful concentrations of orderly magic. In
particular, she will be able to sense founts of order, though the rest of
the Weave (including other kinds of founts and all ley lines) will be no
more visible to her than any other.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Constitution


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