Heart of Stone                            Earth/Void Benediction

Duration: 12 hours                                   Minimum Cost: 60 mana

Syntax: cast 'heart of stone'

Few study a more staid, emotionless path than those who blend earth and
void. Such magi even learn to place a ward of stone about their hearts,
fettering any emotion or feeling which might otherwise seek expression.
While under the influence of this heart of stone, the scholar's karma will
be effectively (if temporarily) reduced, bringing it considerably closer to
neutral. This will in turn impact any working which operates on the basis
of karma, such as the spiritwrack spell.

In addition, while in this stoic state the scholar will be very difficult to
rout and less likely to panic when fleeing. He will furthermore gain
resistances to fear, holy, mental, and illusion damage and spells, as well
as immunity to abominable rune and certain other fear-based effects.

Not every change is beneficial to the caster, however. In particular, he
will be unable to haggle effectively and will suffer a penalty to his
charisma. Furthermore, he cannot benefit from the zeal, frenzy, or demonic
howl effects while in such a state.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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