Heart of the Inferno           Path of the Golden Flames Utility

Duration: Permanent                            Minimum Cost: 500 mana
Cooldown: 1800 hours Range: Target Inventory Item

Syntax: cast 'heart of the inferno' <item>

By calling on the deeper recesses of the Inferno, a scholar who has
chosen to walk the path of the Golden Flames may summon a portion of that
burning core, imbuing it into an object composed of ruby. This is an
intensive rite which takes considerable time to prepare, but has been known
to create items of legendary power over time.

Each successive casting will increase the power of the object, causing it to
grant its bearer a bonus to either damage and accuracy with melee blows,
physical health and mental energy, or increase the effective level of fire
spells cast by the bearer. Due to the powerful energies contained within,
no one person may wear more than one Heart at any given time.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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