Heartfire                 Path of the Raging Inferno Benediction

Duration: Caster's Discretion                        Minimum Cost: 75 mana
Cooldown: 6 - 10 hours; depends on level/skill Range: Self

Syntax: cast 'heartfire' ignite
Syntax: cast 'heartfire' extinguish

It is in hushed tones that people speak of those magi who have journeyed
down the path of the Raging Inferno. Their fear is not misplaced, for such
a scholar is capable of calling the Inferno itself into their own hearts,
allowing them to command fiery forces so intense as to inspire disbelief in
those who have not directly witnessed them.

While it does not directly do any damage itself, Heartfire does increase the
amount of all fire damage originating from the caster. A scholar may call
Heartfire into himself by casting with the 'ignite' argument; he may do so
up to three times, with each successive casting increasing the intensity of
the Heartfire. He would be wise to consider his own limits, however, as the
Inferno within him could rage out of control at any time, consuming him
completely; this risk grows far more likely with more intense Heartfires.
Greater facility with this skill will slightly help to reduce the risk, but
ultimately only prudence can save him. To close off his heart to the
Inferno, the scholar casts the spell once more with the 'extinguish'
argument; only a single extinguish is needed to cancel any intensity.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Constitution

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