Illusion                                      Major Air Illusion

Duration (weave, craft): (level / 4) hours            Minimum Cost: 100 mana
Duration (mirror): 5 - 15 hours, varies randomly
Cooldown (weave, craft): 2.5 - 4 hours, varies by skill
Cooldown (mirror): 9 - 12 hours, varies by skill

Syntax: cast 'illusion' weave <name>
cast 'illusion' craft <name>
cast 'illusion' mirror <object>

Example: cast 'illusion' weave Jolinn
cast 'illusion' weave a battered old man
cast 'illusion' craft a fine steel rapier
cast 'illusion' mirror rapier

A mainstay of the air scholar's arsenal of misdirection, the illusion
spell allows for the crafting of various basic illusions. It may be used in
any of three ways.

By specifying the WEAVE argument along with a name or short description, the
mage may spin together an illusion of some entity, whether animal, sentient,
or purely imaginative. This illusion will not be under the caster's
control, instead wandering on its own until it eventually unravels. If
attacked, it will dissipate immediately.

By specifying the CRAFT argument along with a name or short description, the
mage may bind together an illusion of some object, whether similar in
appearance to another object or purely imaginative. This illusion may be
handled like any object, but will have no special properties. It will
unravel in time.

By specifying the MIRROR argument along with a target object from the
caster's inventory, the mage may create an object which is to all
appearances a perfect copy of the original object. This illusion will gain
the special abilities and powers of the original object, but will eventually
unravel, crumbling away to nothingness. During the time that the illusion
exists, the original object will be covered in obscuring magics, which make
it appear to be a worthless copy such as those made by the CRAFT variant of
this spell. Once the illusion vanishes, this obscurity will lift, restoring
the original object to its former powers. NOTE: the caster should take care
not to log out with such an obscured object until it is restored, or else it
may never recover.

Those practiced in the disillusionment skill will find it trivial to see
through such simple illusions.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma


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