Mark of Dominion             Path of the Stoneshaper Benediction

Duration: See Text                                    Minimum Cost: 140 mana

Syntax: cast 'mark of dominion'

A stoneshaper learned in the patterns of a mark of dominion may scribe
such a symbol over a fount of order to tune its power to his own being. One
thus attuned will be able to power a portion of his runes through the fount,
thereby slightly decreasing the cost of invoking and maintaining the runes.
The scholar may continue to claim more nexuses of order under his dominion,
further reducing these costs; however, as he collects more founts he will
begin to experience diminishing returns, saving less mana with each new
fount. No rune's cost may be reduced below half its initial cost in this

Founts may not be tuned to more than one scholar's resonance; thus, claiming
founts in this fashion will draw their power away from other claimants and
vice versa, whether the original claim was from this spell, attune fount, or
any other similar working.

The ever-shifting nature of the Weave means that while a claim may be held
for a time, eventually it will be lost as the flows of quintessence change.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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