Oceanswell                     Path of the Waveborne Benediction

Duration: (level / 4) hours                          Minimum Cost: 150 mana
Cooldown: 3.5 - 5 hours, varies by skill

Syntax: cast 'oceanswell'

By drawing on the power of the seas, a mage may employ this working to
empower her water elemental, increasing its capabilities. The spell, which
may only be cast on or under water, will furthermore draw enough power in to
duplicate the magical creature, resulting in a second elemental. Rumors
abound of particularly-skilled casters who have infrequently managed even a
third elemental from this spell, but if so it has not been recorded how to
do so reliably. It should be noted that the power borrowed by this spell
comes at a cost, as the added instability will eventually destroy the
elementals, rendering them back into mere lifeless water once more.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma


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