Pacify                      Path of the Silver Light Malediction

Duration: [Target] (level/16) hours      Minimum Cost: 55 mana
[Room] (level/22) hours Range: Single Target, Room, or Area
[Area] (level/34) hours

Syntax: [Target] cast 'pacify' <target>
[Room] cast 'pacify'
[Area] cast 'pacify' area

Those who follow the path of the silver light have gained great
understanding of mortal dreams and passions, including no small knowledge of
how to soothe them. This ability takes the form of the pacify spell, which
can calm a target or targets to both end current fighting as well as prevent
reinitiation of combat. Pacify may be cast on a single target, everyone in
the room, or all adventurers in the area. The larger the affected area, the
more diluted the effect, as targets will both find it easier to save against
the working as well as shake off its effects sooner.

The undead are immune to this effect, as are those caught up in the fury of
the frenzy spell or the berserking ability. While the caster will remain
unaffected, his groupmates may fall under the spell of the room and area
variants of this weaving.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma


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