Phoenix Dirge         Path of the Raging Inferno Defensive Skill

Syntax: Automatic

The scholar who studies the art of the flame eventually learns to fill
themselves with phoenixsong, that elusive melody audible only to those who
truly understand the rhythm of the fire. Armed with this power, the mage is
able to transcend death itself, using the dirge to burn herself back to

Phoenix dirge offers an automatic chance to instantly restore a scholar when
she would otherwise die. The protection is not complete, though a more
skilled mage will find it fails her less often. Immediately after burning
back to life, the scholar will suffer a temporary penalty to her maximum
health; during this time, she cannot call upon the dirge again. Even if the
song takes effect and restores the mage, the shock of death to her system
will still take its toll, costing her one of her lives -- regardless, the
dirge can protect her from the final death.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Constitution

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