Quests and Feats

Periodically the immortals announce custom quests (one-time events for
high-level characters). However, there are many standard, built-in quests
or feats of varying difficulty. Rewards for completing these quests are
generally experience points or various treasures. To find out about these
quests, you can explore areas and interact with their inhabitants or
seek information from other adventurers. Some quests are restricted to
characters of certain levels, alignments, classes, or races.

Information about the quests or feats should always be kept in-game. Out-
of-character sharing of quest solutions or details is a rules violation (see
"help rules" for details).

See "help quest2" for the list of standard quests.

The FAQ answers basic questions about the game and gives tips for play.

The Basic Commands Cheatsheet pdf is a quick and easy printable reference of basic commands.

You can also check game helpfiles on a variety of topics to guide you through the playing of Avendar. Simply type the topic into the search box (or while in the game, type: help <topic>).

Helpfile to look up:

Here's a list of general topics to get you started (type your choice into the box):

  • getting started - The basics of Avendar and MUDding in general.
  • information - How to get info on yourself and your surroundings.
  • moving around - How to move around in the world of Avendar.
  • interaction - How to interact with objects and items in Avendar.
  • communication - How to communicate with others in Avendar.
  • grouping - How to group together with others in Avendar.
  • combat - How to engage (and survive!) combat in Avendar.

Be sure to pay attention to the "See Also" located at the bottom of many of the helpfiles, as they often point to other useful pieces of information on the topic you're reading on.

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