Quintessence Rush            Path of the Weavedancer Benediction

Duration: (level/12) hours                           Minimum Cost: 30 mana
Cooldown: 9-11 hours concurrent, varies by skill Requires Quintessence

Syntax: cast 'quintessence rush'

By infusing her soul with raw quintessence, a mage who follows the path
of the Weavedancer may alter her spirit, empowering it at the expense of
harming its natural regenerative capabilities. While affected by a
quintessence rush, the scholar will not naturally recover mana, and will in
fact experience a slight drain from the effort of maintaining the
transcendent state. Should her mana run out before the working does, she
may suffer from minor vertigo or confusion for a short time while her spirit
recovers. Furthermore, the caster's spells will cost a fixed amount of
additional mana to cast.

During the rush of pure quintessence, the Weavedancer will find that certain
offensive spells are far more effective; in particular, searing light, life
bolt, and spiritwrack. Searing light will strike for somewhat more damage,
and may flare so brightly as to blind her target if he is not wrapped in a
reflective aura. Spiritwrack will also strike for somewhat more damage, and
may tear so deeply into the target's core as to stun him for a short time.
Life bolt will strike for substantially more damage; since this increase is
powered by the quintessence rather than the caster's life force, there will
be no commensurate increase in damage to the caster. Finally, even the
caster's body will be affected by the raw power, granting it a boost to hit
points during the quintessence rush.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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