Salt of the Earth              Path of the Geomancer Benediction

Duration: 1.5 + (level / 6) hours                     Minimum Cost: 75 mana
Range: Inventory Crystal

Syntax: cast 'salt of the earth' <crystal>

Those of the earth guild who study the way of the geomancer attain
perhaps the greatest diversity of knowledge amongst their colleagues. Some
of this versatility is evident in the salt of the earth working, which is
used to target a crytal of energy originally created by crystalize magic.
This spell smashes the crystal into tiny shards, allowing the caster to drink
in its essence and take on a small portion of its power. The specific
benefit gained varies according to the sphere of the magic contained within
the crystal.

Essence of water will cause the caster to heal a small amount each pulse,
should she be injured.

Essence of earth will give a chance of reducing the lag from casting a spell
of earth.

Essence of void will give a chance of increasing the pain of an unsaved
crush spell, adding to it the agony effect.

Essence of spirit will enhance the power of a stone lattice, reducing the
magical damage even further. This applies only to such damage taken by the
one affected by spirit essence; others in the room will experience only the
normal reduction. Similarly, magical damage done by such a one will not be
reduced beyond the normal limits of the stone lattice, unless her target is
also affected by spirit essence.

Essence of air will empower the sandspray spell, slightly increasing its
damage and both increasing the odds of successfully blinding a foe and
prolonging said blindness.

Essence of fire will enhance the stonefist spell with a small amount of
additional and unsavable fire damage.

Essence of other spheres such as natural and ancient magics will simply
empower the mage's mind, granting a bonus to her mana for a time.

The strength and duration of these empowerments varies according to the
level of the spell released from the crystal. Should a mage drink in the
essence of a new crystal before the effects of an older one have faded, the
new energies will completely supplant the original effects.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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