Shroudsight              Major Spirit / Major Void Utility Skill

Syntax: automatic

An adept of spirit eventually learns to see past the thin veils
separating our world from the spirit realm, developing an ability known as
shroudsight. This extra sense becomes innate, requiring no special focus to
activate -- with it, the mage will simply see denizens of and travelers
through the astral plane. This sight allows her to see the shades,
phantoms, wraiths and ghosts of the spirit realm, as well as astrally
projected or voidwalking souls. This second sight furthermore permits the
scholar to recognize demonic possessions and demon-bound weapons for what
they are. Many wizened old magi have warned their apprentices about this
ability, for once the eyes opened, that which is Seen cannot be Unseen.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom


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